F R E E  W E D D I N G 

G U I D E  

When I started to plan my own wedding, I had ABSOLUTELY no idea where to start, I was overwhelmed with choices and the concept of planning such a huge event.... so much so that my husband to be Adam took over  became the lead planner! I remained 'creative director' of the whole affair but after being completely honest about both of our strengths and weaknesses we knew that it was the right way to go. 

Adam was the planner of dreams. He had folders, dividers, appointments all written down in a diary... while I decided on colour schemes, suppliers and anything design based. 

I created this guide to help you in the very early stages of your wedding planning. To help you decide who will be doing what and how to narrow down your needs and wants.


Please feel free to download the file below, any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!