T H E 

S M A L L 

P R I N T  

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Please read through before booking, it might not seem important....until it is 

I M A G E  S T O R A G E

Use of images and your privacy:

Thanks to the GDPR regulations, You have the right to know exactly what happens to the images of you during, and after your big day. Here is my process from start to end.


During your wedding:

Both of my cameras have duel slots, meaning even if one memory card goes tits up, I've got all the details saved to another. I change these cards regularly throughout the day to keep your memories safe. 


After your wedding:

All of your images are backed up onto two hard drives, they are kept separately from each other to prevent loss through fire or theft, (I literally have one kept at the door ready to grab and run in case the house is burning down).  One your gallery has been completed, I upload all the final images to a cloud based Shootproof gallery which is password protected, you can download any and all images from here too! You can also share this gallery and password with anyone you choose. I can provide a nice fancy USB however this will incur a £20 charge. I will then delete all RAW files on my hard drives three calendar months after the date of delivery. The edited images will be stored in the cloud for two years from the date of your wedding. If there are any issues with images then you MUST contact me within a month of receiving them, I cant store everyone's images on my hard drives forever, as much as I’d like to. As a standard,  I do not issue RAW unedited files to clients. If however you wish to purchase all unedited RAW files then the cost is a minimum of £1000, depending on gallery size. Please be aware however, that I deliver all usable images. Trust me, there are some images you do not need to see (ugly mid cry face, blinkers, uncle john sneezing)


Storing your data:

Initial inquiries from my website do not hold any personal information other than names and venue information. This information will be deleted upon completion of a full booking form and deposit. Booking forms are found in a password protected part of my website that you will have access to once an initial connection has been made.

Basic information is transferred into an Excel spreadsheet and booking forms are kept until the photographs have been delivered to the client.  Excel documents are kept for 5 years. No data is stored electronically for marketing purposes. Images of details/venues (anything except identifiable data) can and may be used on my website/social media and marketing leaflets.



To be able to continue growing my business I do need to have an online presence with new and fresh content posted on a weekly basis. You are of course, entitled to privacy and to know and understand what happens to your images once they have been taken and delivered. If you do not want your images to be used on social media you must inform me prior to the wedding date. The most likely platforms your images will be used will be Facebook and Instagram.


I do reserve the right to post details images (flowers, locations and scenic shots) without using any names, people or faces as a marketing tool even If you have requested privacy.


Your responsibility:

It is your responsibility and/or the responsibility of your guests to come and speak to the photographer prior to the wedding to inform them of any circumstances in which a person cannot have their photograph taken. In instances such as:


Foster/ Adoption or looked after children // Witness Protection // Special Forces/ Intelligence Services



T H E  B I G  D A Y

Emma and second shooter will record the day in a documentary and reportage style. Any images required other than that of a documentary nature (group shots) should be written down in detail and provided to photographers  before or on the wedding day. Although we will endeavor to capture these images, on occasion, circumstances will occur out of our control that may mean these images are not possible - for example, weather and schedule. Images supplied will range between 300 and 600 depending on a variety of factors including details, number of guests and length of your day.

Emma will work throughout the day but take up to 1.5 hours of breaks (during the meal, after the ceremony and in between the reception and evening celebrations)

Emma will not, and can not photograph every single person present at your wedding. If there are certain special people that you want to me focus on, you will need to tell me and point them out.





Booking retainer:

Date is held on a verbal basis for two weeks after releasing the booking form out. Date is only confirmed upon receipt of  retainer. A  retainer of 25% of the final package is required upon booking.

You are entitled to a cooling off period of 14 days from the date of the paid retainer to change your mind, after which the retainer is non refundable.



Contracts are sent out using the Shootproof online signing system and MUST be returned within 4 weeks of receipt.

If another client requests your date within the four week period you will be contacted out of courtesy to see if you are still interested. In the event of no reply I will take the other booking forward. After the four week period is over, you will not be notified if somebody has booked your date.



Emma shall be granted creative and artistic license in relation to the choice of locations and poses used.

Emma’s  assessment on photographic style, photographic finishing and number of images supplied shall be deemed correct. Emma is happy to view inspirational images from online inspiration sources such as Pinterest, however is unable to guarantee these images can or will be reproduced on your wedding day.  Emmas editing style is final and will not be changed on request. Please ensure that you have seen enough examples of work of both Emmas and other photographers style before you make a decision on your big day booking.



Emma will be the sole professional photographer on the day along with her assigned second shooter however friends and family are encouraged to take lots of photographs. Videographers are welcome. Please be aware that some churches will not allow photographers at the front of the church if you have a videographer. You need to check their policy prior to the ceremony and inform me.


 L I A B I L I T Y

Emma’s entire liability in respect of this contract shall be limited to damages of an equal amount to the total price paid by the customer. Neither party shall be liable for any breach of its obligations resulting for causes beyond its reasonable control, which may include acts of god, fire, natural disaster, war and weather. Under the Consumer Rights Act, which superseded the Supply of Goods and Services Act on 1 October 2015, your photographs will be supplied with reasonable care and skill.

If you have any issues with your images upon delivery you must inform Emma within one calendar month from the date received.


F I N A L  P A Y M E N T

Final payment of any outstanding monies should be completed no later than tw0 calendar months before the wedding date. Failure to pay in full by this agreed date will make the contract void.

I M A G E   D E L I V E R Y

A sneak peek will be posted within 24-48 hours of your wedding on Facebook with a story usually put on Instagram depending on your privacy agreement.

Images will then be delivered within 8 weeks but at peak times this can increase to 10 weeks.


 C A N C E L L A T I O N


If Emma cancels this contract for reasons beyond her control (for instance- death, injury or sickness) liability shall be limited to the amount of monies paid. If Emma has to cancel within two weeks of the wedding date for pregnancy, death in the family or hospitalisation, a full refund will be paid OR an alternative photographer will be sourced. The replacement photographer will be of the same or higher qualification, style and pricing.


If the customer terminates the contract later that 14 days after the date of the deposit the following percentage fees apply against the full package cost:

90 days or less - 100% of the amount owed is to be paid

91 - 130 days - 75%

131 - 180 days - 50%

If the customer wishes to change the date then all monies can be transferred to a new date subject to Emmas availability - this may incur extra charges if the date is on a prime weekend/bank holiday/New years Eve.


G R O U P 


Group shots are important, but they do take time, so please make sure when you are planning your day with your venue that you allow for 3-5 minutes per group shot. I would personally recommend you keep your group shots to a maximum of 8 different 'line ups' so as not to distract from all the FUN parts of your day! (this doesn’t include the wedding party/ bridesmaids and groomsmen as that is a mandatory part of my job) Please issue me and a few of your bridal party with copies of the group shots prior to the day or on the day. It is not always possible to do all group shots but every effort will be made to achieve them.


F O O D  A N D 


Photographers(s) would love a hot meal on the day or a tab for a minimum of £20.00 to be able to provide their own meal and soft drinks. Whilst we are able to fend for ourselves and bring a packed lunch, it often sits in the car sweating for 8 hours. Although it's nice to have something fresh we do not expect a three course meal and to be sat with Great Uncle Bob - although we appreciate the sentiment! We often use the time when you’re eating to do back ups and start editing sneak peeks.


T H E 



So what happens if I get hit by a truck on the way to your bridal prep? sounds grim right, but it happens. Luckily we have 'Emergency Photographers' groups with tonnes of talented folk ready and waiting to capture your big day should the unthinkable happen.

I do plan to be on time to your wedding - again, I’ll confirm the timings with you a couple of days prior to your day.  That being said, in the case of traffic accidents, lightening strikes and alien abduction, I have in place a contingency plan...

Call me in the first instance: 07858726200. Try three times and if after the third try I don’t answer then please ring my husband, Adam Ryan on 07786696668 He has access to my accounts and emergency backups who will arrange for an emergency cover photographer to turn up on your day.

Please then ring Hannah Grzonka on 07493103847 and explain to her that Emma Ryan was supposed to be

photographing your wedding day at (insert location and timings) she will source another photographer to cover your day.

If she doesn’t answer, the best piece of advice I can suggest is get the venue/planner/florist to contact a photographer, we are all part of a big community so we all know each other.